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What is the difference between medical and social day care?

The Adult Medial Day Care (AMDC) program is licensed and regulated by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, and includes social day care with medical monitoring under the supervision of a registered nurse for chronic diseases, medical conditions, physical or cognitive impairments - including advanced dementia.  Senior Center Plus is non-medical social day care program certified by the Maryland Department of Aging, and includes staff supervision, structured activities designed to enhance health and well-being (also included in AMDC), lunch and two snacks (also included in AMDC). 

What is a typical structured day of service?


A typical structured day of service is at least 4 hours of supervision and care, and begins with supervision until 10 am at which time a snack is served.  After the morning snack begins the morning activities period, followed by lunch, the afternoon activities period, the afternoon snack, and ends with supervised free time (conversation, TV, rest, reading, etc.) until pick-up or boarding the van to transport home. Center hours are 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.  Program hours are 10 am to 2 pm.   

What criteria would qualify a participant to the AMDC program?


The AMDC program is for seniors, 55 and older with a cognitive, physical or emotional impairment, or adults 18 and older with a disability.  Candidates for enrollment are capable of being transported with or without the aid of a mobility device (including a wheelchair), and are capable of benefiting from socialization, and structured or group oriented activities.            

No, each participant must enroll in the AMDC or Senior Center Plus programs attend on a regular schedule.  A day of service is at least 4 hours.  The AMDC program includes door-to-door transportation.  Up to two hours of supervision may be available through our Memory Break sessions without enrollment, but 48 hours advance notice is required.  (Click on the programs tab for more information.) 

How much does AMDC cost?

Adult Day Care of Calvert County operates on a fee for service basis.  A grant is currently available that allows us to offer a sliding scale fee for Adult Medical Day Care to those who are financially eligible.  The ability to pay schedule for the sliding scale can range from $7.75 to $77.50 per day.  Some may also qualify for approved waiver programs, or may be covered by VA benefits or Long Term Care insurance.  Contact us for specifics.

Yes, two snacks and lunch, as well as door to door transportation within Calvert County are included in the Adult Medical Day Care program.  (Occasionally a minimal additional fee may be requested for outings.) 

Referrals for admission are accepted from individuals, family members, social services and health professionals, clergy, friends, and other concerned persons.  To begin the enrollment process, two forms are to be completed - the Referral form and the Physician's Assessment form.  Forms can be downloaded by clicking on the “Forms” tab or can be picked up at the center. 

Who cares for the participants?

The Care Team staff includes a Registered Nurse, an Activities Coordinator, and Program Aides which include nursing assistants, center aides, drivers and volunteers.  All Care Team staff is required to hold current CPR/First Aid certification. 

The staff to participant ratio is 1:7 or better, ensuring that each adult gets the care and attention he or she needs according to their individual plan of care.  Each enrolled program participant receives an individual care plan addressing their individual needs.    

What are some examples of activities and outings?

Structured activities are designed to enhance the health and well-being of the participants.  Activities may include games, bingo, crafts, current events discussions, trivia quiz, physical activity, games, sing-a-longs, or entertainment from community individuals or groups.  Outings may be to a local restaurant for lunch, flea market, walks, museum, or event.  Have an idea?  Let us know!  

Can I visit the center?

Yes, you can visit the center anytime during hours of operation, weekdays 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.  The best time to visit is between 10:00 and 2:00 when the majority of the participants are in attendance.  We have a separate entrance on the backside (lower level) of the Health Department building in Prince Frederick.  You may also enter through the Health Department and take the stairs down.

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